The Agency
The Agency, founded in Geneva in 2019, was driven from the outset by the desire to create unique events. We understand the importance of bringing people together in an atmosphere that reflects who they are, that genuinely captivates and surprises them, so that they experience unforgettable moments. Our unique edge? A talent for crafting creative staging that you won’t see anywhere else.

Our values


Our genuine expertise comes with a quest for perfection. For us, every detail counts in achieving perfect harmony. We take a tailor-made approach to planning events.    


Know-how is crucial, but so are people skills. Total transparency is fundamental to us, and the ultimate guarantee of trust between you and the Agency.


We couldn’t be creators of unforgettable experiences if we weren’t passionate about what we do. It feeds our desire to go the extra mile, to be 100% committed to every project with equal enthusiasm.  


We give whatever it takes and won’t stop until everything you want is done. We’ll never say no. Because we believe that the beautiful and the exceptional should be able to flourish.


Listening is key to understanding your needs and an essential part of our process. Hearing you describe what you want ensures that every element reflects your vision. That’s why we’re accessible and always available.


We’re determined that each of our events leaves only wonderful memories behind. That’s why we attach so much importance to the sustainability of the materials we use. It’s as much a corporate commitment as it is a civic one.

Unforgettable atmospheres, inspiring experiences.