Corporate events

Corporate life is also marked by special moments that deserve to be celebrated, showcased and inaugurated in the right way. A product launch, an end-of-year party, an inauguration… we’re here to create tailor-made events tailored to your corporate culture, your values, the type of celebration and its scope. Coming up with a 360° event concept, designing the entire décor around the theme, putting together an appropriate catering offer, and setting the scene with a variety of entertainment: nothing escapes us, because nothing is impossible. Together, we’ll turn these moments into unforgettable experiences for your teams, your clients and any other target audience.

End of year party

Children's Christmas

Product launch

Seasonal decoration

Seasonal decoration

Summer party

Communication operation

Stylish and sensational launches

A product launch or store opening, a new partnership – most companies histories are marked by important events worth celebrating. These deserve to be turned into unique opportunities to gain recognition and exposure, in a setting that places your company’s image in the starring role. Our experience tells us that organisation is key. Coming up with the concept ahead of time so that everything else flows – custom-made and breath-taking décor for the ‘wow’ factor, the choice of venue, right down to the way in which the event is rolled out, our teams think of everything, down to the smallest detail, to make these moments a real success.

Bring your staff and customers together around unforgettable moments

Company gatherings, success celebrations, summer parties, galas… these are all opportunities to unite your teams and strengthen your client relationships through truly memorable events and moments! How? By creating a unique, beautiful and festive atmosphere, while showcasing your company’s identity. We’ll come up with an original and enchanting concept covering catering, entertainment and activities, including a photo call, to keep your guests enthralled from start to finish. Your only job will be to enjoy the event as much as they do!

Spark a little magic at the office!

What if you made the best of certain holidays or significant events to decorate your offices and invite a little magic into the workplace? We’ll decorate the offices and bring some of that Halloween, Christmas or Easter spirit to life – just a touch here and there or the ‘all-over’ look – to create a warm and festive atmosphere for a little while. We can also provide entertainment or some sweet or savoury treats, like waffles, and a Candy Bar with Christmas cookies. Because even the workplace can do with a little festive delight!

The end of the year is also a magical time for companies!

As the year draws to a close, the pressure is off and the mood is festive. It’s the perfect time to invite the Christmas spirit into your office, with a subtle nod to the season or an all-out festive blast. Christmas decorations, a Christmas tree, hot chocolate bar, an on-site chef, a Candy Bar with Christmas cookies… there are so many ways to make the office a festive space, for a few days or weeks! We love planning the office children’s Christmas event, or the staff New Year’s Eve party, decked out in all the Christmas magic, with Santa too, and gifts, entertainment, and themed catering.


Design and decorations that with guaranteed ‘wow’ factor


We will send you a proposal within 24 to 48 hours after first contact

Tailored concept

We create unique events with concepts built entirely around your plans

Our undivided attention

An Event Planner dedicated to your event

Trust and time saving

By letting us do what we do best, your only concern will be to take care of your guests on the big day!

Environmentally friendly

All our balloons are 100% biodegradable and we plan on going further in our eco-friendly approach.

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