Our story

We have decided to live our life like a dream, to enjoy every moment. To sublimate the daily life, to live each day intensely, to make every occasion a celebration. Isn’t life more beautiful this way?
We are two lovers of life, in perpetual search of memorable moments, “of that little something extra that is given to us all: the spice of life”. Welcome to our world!

Imagination, sharing, escape, and a lot of passion: these are the magical ingredients that make each celebration unique. Like a suspended moment, with that little something extra that offers you the promise of an unforgettable memory.

We draw our inspiration from our travels, our origins and our encounters. From a souvenir brought back, to a crafted object, magnificent paintings, to these majestic mountains, this beautiful decorated restaurant table and these floral compositions….

We are constantly using images, flavours, sounds and colours from all over the world to create tailor-made events adapted to your desires. Our passion for decoration and our knowledgeable eye pushes us to look for the detail that will make the difference, the one that will make each celebration a moment of life that belongs only to you.

After many events organized between families, for friends, for special occasions or at the last minute during impromptu evenings, we decided to do what we love most for others, for you, your friends, your relatives, your colleagues: to bring you pleasure.

Let yourself be carried away by your desires, let your imagination unfold, we are here to fulfill all of your dreams.

CH Planner is also a lot of passion, good humour, unlimited commitment, a true talent for decoration, and a lot of kindness and listening!